Defending Those Accused Of Drug Crimes

At the state level, drug crime penalties are severe. People who suffer from addiction and only had drugs for personal use can find themselves charged with felonies and sentenced to years in prison. Regardless of the reason for your drug charges, it is important to put an experienced lawyer on your side.

At The Law Office of Rich Cassady, I provide state drug crimes defense in Macon County, Cherokee County, and the surrounding areas. I am a tenacious trial attorney who pushes the government to prove its case. In drug crime cases, I fight hard to ensure that my clients are not overcharged for a more serious crime. I will review your case and determine whether the charges are appropriate. In all cases, I strive to get charges reduced or, when possible, dismissed. I will go to trial if that is in your best interests. I have offices in Franklin and Murphy.

North Carolina Drug Crimes Defense

I take cases involving illegal substances such as meth, crack, marijuana, MDMA, synthetic drugs and prescription drugs. My drug crimes defense practice includes the following charges:

  • Possession
  • Possession with intent to manufacture, sell or deliver
  • Trafficking
  • Manufacturing or cultivation
  • Conspiracy

When I investigate your case, I will determine whether your constitutional rights were violated during the arrest, search or seizure. If I uncover violations, I will argue for the suppression of evidence, and/or the reduction or dismissal of the charges.

For first-time offenders and people with drug addictions, I can work to get you into diversionary programs such as drug court. These programs focus on treatment instead of penalties.

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