Attorney For Drug Trafficking Defense

Drug trafficking laws assume that a person is guilty of trafficking simply for possessing a certain quantity of a drug. For example, you can be charged with trafficking for possessing as few as 15-20 pills of a prescription drug such as Lorazepam.

These laws result in many people being charged with trafficking when they had no intent of doing so. As a criminal defense lawyer, it is unacceptable to me that clients are facing charges for crimes they did not commit. I am attorney Rich Cassady, and I work diligently to protect my clients' rights in trafficking and all drug crime cases. I can represent you in state and federal courts in North Carolina.

Were You Overcharged With Trafficking Or Conspiracy?

It is possible to be charged in state and federal courts with drug trafficking. The federal trafficking charge is called "possession with intent to manufacture, sell or deliver." The charges you face will depend on the amount and type of drug you possessed as well as your criminal record.

Getting a lawyer involved early in a drug trafficking case is critical. After examining the case against you, I will work to get the charges reduced or dismissed. Possible defense strategies include arguing constitutional rights violations such as illegal search and seizure as well as proving that you possessed the drugs for personal use only.

In addition to trafficking, people may be charged with conspiracy. This charge is sometimes used as leverage over people with minor roles in a drug crime. Charging them with a more serious crime is one means of gathering evidence against more valuable drug crime suspects.

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